Family Protocol

It is a private document—agreed voluntarily by the family members—which is a statement of the principles and rules that outline the family commitment to core values, vision, and mission of the business. The family constitution will divide economic resources between the family and the business. Moreover, this protocol will anticipate events such as the death of a family member or bankruptcy of a company.

Each family protocol made by acertum differs completely from any other previous protocol. Each protocol depends on the family situation, the number of companies, the type of company; as well as its line of business, family agreements and the implementation made.

When hiring the family protocol service, the family business will receive advice and a diagnosis for its members, a family code that will outline behaviors and values, missions and visions for each of its members. Then the governance of the companies will be structured. Lastly, a general plan of succession will be established.

Succession Planning

This service will focus on the succession of properties of the business’ management.

acertum will analyze the assets, properties and stocks that each partner has. Then, the legal path to transmit and transfer the property in a timely fashion to avoid payment of exaggerated succession taxes will be established. Intestate succession and possible bankruptcy of the family business will be avoided.

We will also guarantee that the succession strategy for the companies’ power and management is correct, defining which characteristics the successor must have in order to lead the family business.

Family Reconciliation

Within business families, rivalries increase proportionally to the number of family members. Therefore, acertum will be responsible for devising solutions to issues that arise within the family and the company.

The best option will be analyzed to prevent rivalries from harming the family’s or the company’s image.

Through a brief diagnosis of the management of family finances, we will establish the need —or not— to set up an office dedicated to administrative family matters. The family office will handle payments for memberships of clubs and associations, family trips and, in general, payment of expenses made by the family. This allows the shareholders’ time to be more productive, by being free from worries regarding administrative payments.

This office—depending on each case—will be in charge of the family’s investments, of carrying out charitable and philanthropic activities and of managing the family’s image.

Family Office

Corporate Governance

acertum will analyze the stock composition of each business to determine the best way to establish and rule a corporate governance. We will elaborate rules and contracts to ensure the legacy’s continuation.

Properly structuring corporate governance allows family members to keep up to date on what is happening with their business and to be able to make instant necessary decisions.

If needed, acertum—through its strategic partners—will create operation and activity manuals, also indicators for compensations that members and employees should receive; we will also search for workers and high-performance executives who may contribute to your company.

Family Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to establish family values, the mission and vision of each of its members and of the family as a whole. It outlines how to behave appropriately among family members, workers and the community. Also, the ways to safeguard the family’s image and enhance it within the community in which it lives will be analyzed.

How the family meets to discuss business issues will be regulated. How different generations and family branches communicate will be planned to preserve and improve the family’s legacy.


acertum will bring change to the family, transforming it from a family to a business family. Through coaching, team building and workshops, we will improve the relationship between the various family branches.

If necessary, we will manage—through our partners—the necessary training for partners and collaborators.

Generational Change

Being prepared for generational change is the greatest challenge for any family business. Surviving generational change must be the main goal.

Statistics show that in Ecuador only 1.6 out of 10 family businesses survive generational change.

This means that most companies dissolve at the death of their founders. There are several reasons for this, which are specific to each company. acertum will help you prepare for generational change.


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